Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Jobs in Perth

It's a tough time to be looking for work. There are precious few jobs available as it is but when the employment websites are flooded with jobs which are not actually within the geographical area you live, it is grossly frustrating.

Apart from the Job Centre website, there are three main websites which advertise jobs in Perthshire:

The Courier
Scot Careers
Jobs in Perth (part of Jobs in Scotland)

Searches on all of these very Scottish sites for jobs in Perth return jobs based in Perth, Australia. Scot Careers and Jobs in Perth are by far the worst offenders - often more than half are in Australia. I have contacted the administrators of these two websites who have both acknowledged that this is completely unacceptable and have both assured me that action would be taken but in the months since I contacted them the situation has only deteriorated.

Incidentally, it isn't limited to these two sites - jobs in Perth, Australia appear on the Job Centres website under the job source search option of 'External Partners'. Would it be fair to infer that the term 'partner' means that there is a certain amount of mutual back-scratching between these sources and the Job Centre? And probably at the tax payers expense.

Don't all these incompetent agencies realise what a disservice they are doing to their clients, both advertisers and employees? And what does it say about them as organisations if they cannot even filter out such spurious results nor even bother to address the situation.

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